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Unlike most other medicines, Clomid can be taken as a double dose if you missed the one you were supposed to take and have to use the next one very soon. After that you still need to go back to the regular dosing schedule and avoid taking more of Clomid than prescribed. Three courses of Clomid treatment are usually sufficient for most women to start ovulating and be able to conceive a child. If you are unable to conceive after that period, talk to your health care provider about the therapy and what needs to be done to make sure it’s efficient for you. The following health conditions may prevent you from safely taking Clomid and they need to be reported to your doctor before you start the treatment: liver disease or other liver problems, adrenal gland disorder, abnormality of the brain, abnormal uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts, or enlargement of the ovaries. Your estrogen levels and your liver function will need to be evaluated by your health care provider before you will be able to start the treatment. Never take this medicine if you are pregnant, as dangerous health effects in the baby are possible. If you think you may have become pregnant – stop taking Clomid and talk to your health care provider to make sure your baby is safe.
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